The Silent River

Dynamic, fluid
A river flows in silence.
It thinks ere turning.

The Silent River
The Silent River

This is the silent river, which thinks before flowing and turns carefully. Similarly, people should think thoroughly before making any kind of decision. Many rivers and streams flow and turn spontaneously and forcefully. But the people who make informed decisions, are patient and plan ahead of time. These people are rewarded with happiness.

Ere: before (archaic)
The poem is written in Haiku form, with iambic meter.

Think before acting.

Originally posted on YourQuote

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  1. Vim

    Is bhagirathi / alaknanda a river? They ain’t silent but they do have property deep within to be silent. People always forget thatm even after knowing one closely there are lots of possibilities of that appearence to be deceiving. deep within a river might be silent but there are waterfalls and rapids. Untill u see the entire thing, nothing can be defined.