The Listener

As the two earbuds chatted
amongst each other,
they knew they were
connected deep down;
Though, they spoke,
and spoke all they did
With none pausing to listen.
Rebounded echo was all that was audible.
They grew distant,
even though they were the same,
thought same, articulated the same
and spoke the same words;
they didn't grasp the similarity.
And howsoever strongly
they knew they were
connected deep down,
they thought they were
polar opposite tangles.
Earphones Picture
Photo by Avinash Kumar on Unsplash

To listen is an art in and of itself. A good listener can influence and impress just as well as the speaker.
Here, by personifying the metaphor of earphones, it is evident that without listening one cannot get to know the other person. Both earbuds are connected to a single wire and have the same audio output, but are ignorant of each other as they refuse to listen. Even though they speak the same words and have the same thoughts – they rebel, quarrel and feel that they are polar opposites. Conflicts can be prevented with the power of patience and tolerance.

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