Stifled Air

There, Chopin kept playing
his Nocturnes through the vinyl player,
Still the sound was clear as day.
Here, was the Moon, next to Mars
near the zenith, yet far.

As Pleiades pranked Orion
And Sirius was chasing Lepus,
Canis Jr. played with Taurus.
Arcturus, Lyra, Cygnus started dinner.

An out-of-tune whistle grows louder and shrill;
The fleet of jets, pulling over a white-grey cloth,
Poison the starry ocean like a zyklon.

Except faint Septentrio, Jupiter and Venus,
All disappeared into dust, oblivious.

Chopin ended the encore with the 20th Prelude.

Throughout their existence, Humans have explored and expanded their control and power into various realms of life, whole ecosystems and nature. Although, it might have started out as quenching curiosity or validating authority; we have done more harm than could have ever been imagined. We have destroyed our past, compromised our present and have ruined our future. This poem focuses on the advent of air-pollution after the Industrial Revolution.

Visit this link for an analysis of Stifled Air.

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