Reflect before reacting

The art of getting offended,
Is one of constant despair.
For social flaws to be mended,
Communication needs repair.

Listen, as speaking hears not;
Verify, as falsity’s spread is crime;
Think, as blind-faith traps in caged knots;
Discuss, as protests burn time;

There is no perfect solution. There is no need to fit inside pre-defined notions; contemplate to find what suits you.

Untruth has wings. To jump to conclusions is ignorance. To follow blindly is to insult originality. Think for yourself.

Oh hi there
It’s nice to meet you.

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  1. Amazing .. a very necessary thing people need to understand before just sharing a story based on headline.. that temptation of being updated needs to be reduced..

    Good poem

    1. Thanks Vimarsh!
      I concur, internet has loads of information, most of which is unchecked! People must learn to observe, verify, fact-check and contemplate before forming opinions or discussing.

  2. Vim

    With people and stories moving faster than the time to cross the station, everyone wants to express and speak out. Too little time to listen to busy in themselves and in expressing (might also be false expression).