Innocuously deceptive: outside’s greenery,
Nature’s formidable ways threaten even strolls.
Defenestrate exertion, deter excursion; and enjoy the scenery
Of home’s interior; let rest, rejuvenate all souls.
Obliviate the oblivious, obscure obstinacy, observe obsequious control.
Repurpose and repair the present; stay indoors for the best of actions,
Select sweet reminiscence over bitter repercussions.

2020’s obsession with COVID-19 brought tough consequences for all to deal with. In retrospect, the year brought in new emotions and situations. We fought with all our might. May 2021 bring hope and improvement!

Oh hi there
It’s nice to meet you.

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  1. Awesome work Aryan!

    Just Brilliant!

  2. Jonali Patel

    Mind blowing choice of words and amazing expressions!!
    Kudos, Ar!!

  3. Vim

    Missing all of these Acrostic Poems!! BRING ‘EM BACK

    1. Thanks! Keep an eye out for more poems!