Eternal Enigma

The pieces were all white,
Distinguishable only by their shape.
Kept in a shallow open box,
They were scattered and piled.
It was chaos, yet contained, curfewed.

Vigorously, the box shook;
The pieces jumped high and settled.
The shaking repeated itself,
Again, the pieces configured.
Indefinite iterations passed
Before there was perfect harmony.

The blocks fitted like fabric,
The puzzle: solved.
Yet, unanticipatedly, the box shook;
The pieces were new and numerous,
And the solution: unknown.

Life mimics a jigsaw puzzle that resets everyday. Chaos is all one sees inside the box, waiting to get resolved. Even though the puzzle seems unsolvable, a perfect solution exists. All the chaos which storms about, interlocks and weaves only to converge and disentangle.

New pieces show up and reconcile with every iteration. Stress can only add to the chaos, without contributing to the solution. The mayhem will always settle to show another sunrise.

Oh hi there
It’s nice to meet you.

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  1. Vim

    We could be in a simulation and we do not know yet. The important thing is to ensure that that shaking is damp and rather than resonating and amplifying but vibrating just right to settle for once and ever. But that just shows are impending death. No one can escape it. We are stuck in this circle of life and death. Without taking just the right steps and shaking vigourousily enough to become immortal or accepting death can this shaking be stopped.

    Or we could just be comfortable with the idea of it and learn to live with it.