I am too attached to be set free from this
world of materialism and everlasting greed.

I am blinded from the evident tranquility in
chaos; blinded from the deafening silence in
feeble yet blaring pains of humanity.

I am screened from the striking contrast in a
blank canvas: staring right into my eyes.

I cannot comprehend the obvious which is
spoon-fed to my imagination.

I have lost all creativity, originality and conscience.

Actions shall not be dictated to anyone or by anyone. Conscience is the directing force which never lies.
But today it is being brainwashed by the the set rules of life. The mind is caged; screened from reality.

Originally posted on YourQuote

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  1. Anonymous Reader

    Very true and relatable.
    If we are bounded, then how can we set our minds free?

    It is although ironic that you used your creativity to express your lack of creativity.

  2. Vim

    me too..