A Trip

To wonder, wander, meander, disorient,
Just to stumble, find and rediscover the evident.
Familiar yet distant: that abstraction from apperception,
Memories, differ from reality and feel untampered yet strange.
Contemplation changes pre-taught perception.
With a new mindset comes the desire to admire,
While on a trip up the memory spire.

Rediscovery can highlight the changes in outlook and perception. Even everyday events, processes and objects feel different to their previous apperception. Maturity changes mindset, which changes pre-taught perception.

A shift from pre-taught thinking can unlock new windows to peer through, and help change perspectives. A new mindset can persuade a new unexplored trip down the memory lane.

Oh hi there
It’s nice to meet you.

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  1. Vim

    Life itself is a trip ups and downs are part of it. The final destiny is achieved when you cross the bar.