Hello, I’m Aryan

Aryan Tiwari

A 17 year old from India who likes to dabble in technology, science and literature. I love mathematics and music.

I have been playing the keyboard for over a decade. Astronomy, travelling and history intrigue me. Interested in philosophy and psychology as well.

A new poem appears magically every Saturday.


United Euphonies (Phonetic Deception) – A map of all 26 letters connected using Alliterative Assonance

Modal Signature Finder – Quickly find the key signature of any key in any mode

The Clash of Egos – A philosophical article on the meaning of the word Ego and modern applications

Analysis of Stifled Air – Analysing my poem “Stifled Air”

Highlighted Poems

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Stifled Air



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Upturned and Flight – Twin Haikus

Poetry Day 2021

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Eternal Enigma

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